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UCare Warranty Plans
Basic Plan
Plus Plan
Platinum Plan

Extended warranty up to 3 years


Free repair under Extended warranty


International warranty coverage (1 Year)

Not Available

Accidental damage warranty

Not Available

25% repair charges (per incident) under accidental damage warranty. T&C apply*

Not Available

Spill damage

Not Available
Not Available

Fire protection

Not Available
Not Available
Terms & Conditions
The warranty under UBUY shall not cover the following:

The device was repaired at unauthorized service centres unless approved by UBUY.

The damages resulted from intentional breakage.

Multiple suspicious damages to the same or different sides of the product.

Bending or dents in the device body or any other cosmetic damage.

Multiple or combined damages such as breakage and spillage of liquids at the same time and full submersion in liquids.

Failures resulting from misuse, deliberate negligence, faulty settings, faulty instalment and usage of unfitting accessories.

Serial numbers were changed, tampered with or wholly or partially removed, or the label was removed.

The accessories accompanying the product.

Routine maintenance and cleaning.

Damage of data/ equipment/ software due to a virus infection or the like.

Failure to protect your appliances from infestation by pests and rodents etc.

Consumable parts like filters in a water purifier or a kitchen chimney, which are designed to last for a certain lifetime and hence replaced by the consumer are not covered.

Shipping and customs if replacement is being sent to you.

Any damage caused by not approved modifications to the manufacturer’s specifications including the failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.

The warranty will not be transferable.

The warranty will not cover data recovery of any product which has means to store data digitally on the device.

UBUY can cancel warranty for an item and refund back the warranty amount if they consider item to be not eligible for warranty.

Terms and Condition
How to claim warranty
To claim the warranty, go to your orders in account and click on “claim warranty” for the respective product. kindly take note of below points for warranty:

In the event of a defect or damage to the product, the customer must take the product to the manufacturer’s service centre or an authorized service centre with the original purchase invoice for the product. In case the service centre charges for the repair then the customer should send an authorized invoice of the same to UBUY for refund by filling for warranty claim through his account


In case of damaged parts, the customer should contact UBUY, if parts will be available then UBUY will send it to the customer and the customer will have to pay for shipping and customs. If not available then customer can source the item at his end and UBUY will refund the product parts cost (shipping+ customs will not be refunded)


In case item is not operable at all and could not be repaired then UBUY will source the replacement for customer (after applying depreciation*), customers will have to pay shipping and customs charges. If replacement is not available then UBUY will refund product cost (after applying Depreciation*)


In the event of a claim for fire, the following documents must be provided to the authorized service centre or UBUY:

  • The Device is to be present and given to UBUY in any condition.
  • Damages are covered only in the event of an external accidental fire.
  • Copy of the purchase invoice in the customer's name. Copy of customer identification card.
  • Copy of the fire department report signed and duly stamped.

Depreciation will be applied based on yearly basis and will be as following

  • 1st year - 10% of product value
  • 2nd year - 20% of product value
  • 3rd year - 30% of product value